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I’ve suffered hay fever nearly all my life. After a couple of sessions with Dr Lai the improvement was amazing, and I could get on with enjoying the summer.”

James, 38, mechanical engineer


“I have been seeing Dr Lai now for a few months. I must say that I feel that I have a much better control of my life. I used to have headaches almost every day. This greatly impacted on my life, which now is so much improved! I am grateful to Mr Lai. It’s something I would recommend to my patients.”                                           

Davies, 28, Doctor


“I have been suffering from IBS for over years and since I have had treatment from Dr Lai my condition has been improved very much. Dr Lai is also a very good listener. I definitely recommend him if you are suffering from stress or emotional problems.”                                  Mr Cooks, 65, Carer


 “I decided to try acupuncture as I had stiffness in my shoulder, neck and hips, and after a year of trying conventional medicine I didn’t feel better. I am really happy with the result. The acupuncture doesn’t take my pain away 100%, but it helps me carry on my life more easily. I also suffer from migraines and the acupuncture also helps me with this issue. I recommend acupuncture to every one.”                             



“At 40 I still don’t fancy having IVF treatments, after I have failed to conceive for 6 years I went to see Dr Lai for having acupuncture weekly. I couldn’t believe I became pregnant in the Sixth month. The acupuncture is very relaxing and leaves me falling sleep every session. Mrs. Poynton, 40, Teacher


“Having experienced back trouble for more than 10 years and been treated by an Osteopath and also a Chiropractor but with limited success I decided to give acupuncture a try. Since being treated by Dr Lai my back has greatly improved and now gives me no problem. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his services.”

Paul, 50, IT Manager


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Fang Shan Lai

BSc (Medicine), MSc (Acupuncture and Herbs), MBAcC, is a fully qualified practitioner and a member of the British Acupuncture Council